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About Bicycle Sunshade: A Perfect Accessory for Your Bicycle

Bicycle Sunshade is a unique bicycle sunshade canopy that is designed and developed to help protect the bicyclists from the sun. This exclusive bicycle accessory is made of mesh material that not only helps protect the head of the bicyclists from the sun, but also helps protect them from the harmful UV radiation. This lightweight telescoping bicycle canopy shade is thoughtfully designed to adjust to any bicycle model, while not obstructing the view or off-balancing the ride of a bicyclist. This is one of the most unique bicycle accessories that every bicyclist would love to own.

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About Ourselves

While riding our bicycles, we would have to stop frequently under a shade tree to protect ourselves from the sun and its radiations, and this was the time when the idea of bicycle sunshade canopy came to mind. The idea of developing a bicycle sunshade canopy that could conveniently provide protection to a rider against the sun and its radiations was fascinating. Bicycle Sunshade – a bicycle canopy shade that has come to be the embodiment of the needs & desires of millions of bicyclists all over the world. It is designed and developed to help protect bicyclists from the sun and help them save their energy. This is how we got the idea for A COOL RIDETM. Please, read our Bicycle Canopy and Bicycle Accessories blog posts to learn more.


Our Story: How Bicycle Sunshade Idea was Formed

The reason we came up with our bicycle sunshade is that while riding our bicycles with our helmet on and with the sun beating on the helmet made our heads hot. We tried wearing baseball caps and it still was not enough protection from the sun’s hot rays. The idea of developing a bicycle sunshade canopy that could conveniently provide protection against the sun was fascinating. So, putting in place all the thoughts and calculations, we developed the bicycle sunshade canopy to help us and other riders have A COOL RIDETM. Even though we live in Arizona, we feel our bicycle canopy shade will benefit everybody in all states. While we do ride our bicycles in the summertime in the 100+ degree heat and wintertime when there is sun our bicycle sunshade helps to make it A COOL RIDETM.
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A Bicycle Canopy That’s Cool and Easy to Install
Canopy Buddy is a cool bicycle sunshade canopy that can be easily installed. Its universal design makes it compatible with any bicycle model and to help protect the riders from the sun and its radiations. See our video to learn more.

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