Bicycle Sunshade

Our Winning Philosophy

During a ride, our priority is to keep our heads protected. Designed on the philosophy of protecting your head and upper body part from the sun, our innovative Bicycle Sunshade Canopy does just that. Creatively and scientifically made of mesh material to be lightweight, our Bicycle Sunshade Canopy helps to protect your head while riding, and does not act as a sail. Whether it’s springtime, summer or fall this Bicycle Sunshade Canopy helps keep your head cool and protected and does not drain your energy. Contact us to buy a Bicycle Sunshade, today. Please click here to learn more About us. This product can be used on regular bicycles, most e-bikes, and most trikes. Max speed 20 MPH.


Bicycle Sunshade Canopy

A perfect UV protected bicycle sunshade

Remember a helmet is always recommended

Helps protect bicyclist from exposure to the sun

Universal, adjustable, telescopic and foldable canopy-style sunshade

Lightweight and Portable

Easy to attach and detach

Does not off-balance rider or obstruct your view


Why Have A Bicycle Sun Shade

Bicycle Sunshade is an ingenious Bicycle Sunshade Canopy. It can be used on any paved surface while leisurely riding along a bike path or at the beach by an adventure cyclist who doesn’t want to compromise with their fun anytime the sun is shinning. This bicycle canopy (Bicycle Sunshade) is suitable for different types of bicycles. Moreover, its height can be adjusted according to the size of the cyclist. With the help of this portable bicycle canopy, brave cyclists can protect themselves against the sun. Want to buy a Bicycle Sunshade? We are accepting orders. Contact us to place your order.


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