Riding a bicycle for leisure or a long-distance challenge, cycling is always fun. But, cycling in the sun without any protection can be harmful. Cyclists may experience cumulative sun damage from chronic exposure causing a higher prevalence of cancerous melanoma and premature aging. Thus, whether you are riding a bicycle to stay fit or to ride to the shops, parks, schools, or work, make sure you have taken adequate measures to keep yourself protected from the sun and its harmful UV radiation. Cycling and sun protection must go hand in hand. Below are some tips to prevent sunburn when you are cycling, and they are:

Use Sunscreen: This is one of the most common and widespread methods to protect yourself from the sun and its UV radiation. When you are going out for cycling in the sun, make sure you apply sunscreen 15 minutes before so that it settles on your skin and doesn’t wash off due to sweat. Also, when you are purchasing a sunscreen lotion or a spray, make sure to buy the one with at least SPF 30 or more (as it can offer you protection from both the types of UVA and UVB rays).

Wear Protective Clothes: To keep yourself protected from the sun while cycling, you can also wear long-sleeve clothes. When you wear long-sleeve clothes, it prevents the direct exposure of the harmful rays and the skin; thereby, protecting you from sunburn.

Buy Bicycle Sunshade: New on the list, but this one of the most innovative and effective solutions that can protect you from the sun while cycling. Bicycle Sunshade Canopy is a bicycle umbrella that is designed and developed by an aspiring duo of husband and wife. Bicycle canopy shade is a bicycle accessory that protects your head and upper body part from the sun. It is made from a special mesh material that is UV reflective. To learn more about Bicycle Sunshade Canopy (bicycle umbrella), you can visit https://bicyclesunshade.com/product/bicycle-sunshade/.

Buy Bicycle Umbrella

Bicycle canopy shade is a bicycle umbrella that keeps you protect from the sun and its harmful radiations for the whole day long. Moreover, being portable and lightweight, it can be easily carried to your favorite destination where you would like to enjoy cycling. To learn more about the uses of bicycle sunshade canopy, you can watch this video on YouTube at https://bit.ly/2XZNhSV. To buy bicycle sunshade, please visit https://bicyclesunshade.com. You can also call us at +1-623-518-5535 to learn more about the bicycle accessory.