Bicycle Canopy Shade: Plenty of us are all-weather cyclists, but when it is extremely hot outside or during the summer days, many of us will either stop cycling or find ways to protect ourselves from the sun while cycling. Even though the full-body experience of riding a bicycle can be stimulating when riding for fun, it’s a challenge to continue to cycle to work or school or shopping when the weather threatens to dehydrate us, especially if you don’t own proper sun protective gears in place. To learn more about the uses of bicycle sunshade canopy, you can also watch our video on YouTube at

However, some companies are aiming at this most common issue with its Bicycle Canopy Shade that guarantees to keep the cyclist protected from the sun without having to commit to something like an enclosed recumbent bike and to do so at a relatively small price. Bicycle Sunshade Canopy is an innovative bicycle accessory that is designed and developed by the duo of husband and wife to keep the cyclists protected from the sun. This exclusive bicycle canopy shade can be easily attached to any bicycle. Moreover, it is externally lightweight and portable; hence, you can easily carry it with you wherever you go.

Bicycle Sunshade Canopy helps protect the head and the upper body parts from the sun; thereby, protecting you from getting dehydrated and sunburns. Bicycle Canopy Shade does not take much time for installation – this bicycle accessory is extremely easy to attaché and detach. Bicycle Canopy shade is a modular bicycle accessory that does not off balance or obstructs your ride at any point in time. It is designed to protect the rider from the sun. This easy to mount bicycle canopy shade is made from a special mesh material that is 80% UV reflective that allows you to freely ride a bicycle in the sun.

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Bicycle Sunshade is one of the most unique and useful bicycle accessories for all, and if you wish to learn more about bicycle sunshade canopy, then feel free to contact us today. To order a bicycle sunshade canopy for you, we kindly request you to call us at +1-623-518-5535 or visit our website at